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Fill out the form and we'll get back to you to discuss the available options.
Contact sales
Fill out the form and we'll get back to you to discuss the available options.
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Extend the power of RADAR with the full range of integrations and a suite of services and create a single source of truth across your organization.

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Get up and running in no time with ready design solutions, a collection of templates and a team of product support specialists.

Connect RADAR with SAP, MS Project and other enterprise apps you use, or contact us for a custom third-party integration.

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We offer governance and security advice, group and one-on-one training sessions and expert consulting on status reporting.
What are RADAR views?
RADAR views are interactive multi-project reports, in which information about the performance of various initiatives is consolidated in a single visualization. Put differently, each view is a modifiable overview of a select group of projects created for a specific audience, such as a PMO or an executive board. In RADAR, there can be as many views in a workspace as required, meaning you can produce as many multi-project reports catering to the needs of as many different audiences as you need.
What is an archived project?
An archived project is a project that is no longer being updated, either because it has been completed, put on hold, or for any other reason. While in the archived state, projects cannot be changed, shown in views, or reported on. They also do not count towards the total of projects in your workspace, allowing you to keep all historical data in your account.
Which plan is right for me?
Since every one of ours plans includes the entire set of available features, it all comes down to the size of your organization and the number of projects you intend to track and report on now or in the nearest future. Sign up for a free trial to explore which of the plans will work best for you.
Can I change or cancel my plan at any time?
Sure. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time without prior notification. In the case where you choose to change your plan in the middle of a billing cycle, payment for the unused period in the current plan will be prorated.
How does the trial work?
As a new user, you can try RADAR and explore what it has to offer without any limits or obligations completely free for up to 14 days. To continue using RADAR after the trial ends, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan. It is at this point only that we will ask you to provide the payment information. Should you choose not to upgrade, you will have 30 days to export all the data you entered during the trial for your own use, so, really, no obligations. Read more about the free trial in our Terms.
What payment options are available?
Generally, a subscription plan is purchased directly through the RADAR system using a debit or credit card issued by any of the major card providers. However, if you sign up for an annual subscription, we can also send you an invoice payable by bank transfer. Contact us for more information on how this can be arranged or to start the process.
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