About our company

About us

GET Information Technology is an international software engineering company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. We’re experienced in providing project management support in complex environments and delivering high-quality enterprise solutions.

We have guided medium and large companies on their path to optimised reports, more efficient business processes, and higher profits for many years.




For more than 20 years we are helping our customers manage large‑scale transformation programs, achieve operational, strategic, and innovative excellence, make informed business decisions, and increase portfolio value.

We have successfully delivered customer projects from a variety of industries, including in partnership with leading enterprises such as Siemens and Volkswagen. You can also become our partner along with industry leaders.

What we do

Our mission is to provide our customers with high performance to help them sustain a competitive advantage. All our software tools are fully customisable to support individual business cases. Our customers highly appreciate the simplicity and usability of our products.

An intuitive project status tracking and reporting application that visualizes project portfolio health at a glance help to improve performance and empowers management to make informed business decisions in time.

A leading platform for large-scale transformation programs that helps efficiently plan and execute post-merger integration, implement restructuring and cost reduction initiatives, increase operational efficiency, and more.

An enterprise-centric program and portfolio management system that helps to track the full project cycle, budgeting, resource allocation, successfully manage risks, quality, and project changes.

Our Values

As a German company, we are first and foremost quality-oriented, driven by innovation and a “make-it-happen” approach.
We are united around this purpose and passion and do not shy away from the challenges that are set before us each day.

Our team

Software engineers, developers, analysts researchers, UX designers, marketers, and other experts have come together around one goal.

We live diversity values, having different academic, cultural, and professional backgrounds. That makes us an open-minded, mutually supportive, creative, and involved team.

Agility, innovation, and continuous learning advanced through collaborative workshops, knowledge sharing and flexible organizational structure are all integral parts of our company’s culture.


Prof. Dr. Ing. Manfred Esser

Manfred Esser holds over 30 years of experience in organisational design and the digitalisation of organisations. His primary areas of expertise include business process management, project and portfolio management, IT architecture design, and software engineering.

Manfred holds a range of engineering degrees and a Ph.D. in Business Informatics. He is a member of such professional organisations as the Association of German Engineers (VDI), the German Society for Computer Science (GI), the German Society for Project Management (GPM), and the International Association of Controllers (ICV).

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