RADAR – project reporting made simple!

RADAR is a project status tracking and reporting tool that provides visibility into your project portfolio for better business decisions.
Quicker identify risks, prioritize projects, and make the most out of your resources.

Save hours of administrative work with standardized report templates.
Set common goals and review team performance to build trusting relationships.
Focus on the work that brings the most value with up-to-date business insights.
in control
Boost your business intelligence with visualized data
Different data visualizations provide you with a comprehensive picture of project portfolio status. Monitor project health on RADAR, decide where to invest your resources using the Bubble chart, track actual project performance against the baseline with the Gantt chart, and more.
Structure reports according to your organization's needs
Define which business aspects should be represented in the RADAR sectors, determine project phases, milestones, add dependencies to adequately map all your processes.
Distribute information to key stakeholders
RADAR facilitates the information exchange at all levels of your organization. Employees can add their project updates directly to the reporting tool. You can share RADAR project status reports online or export them to PDF and Excel for your stakeholders at any time.
Connect RADAR with your systems to benefit from centralized reporting
Multiple integrations ensure smooth RADAR implementation and save your time with automated data import. Reduce routine work by importing project data from other systems such as Jira, SAP, MS Project, Excel, and SharePoint, and create a single hub for the up-to-date project status information for the whole company.
Stay in control of your projects from anywhere
As you may be on frequent business trips, you will never miss any critical information about your project portfolio with RADAR's mobile apps for iOS and Android. Wherever you are, you can quickly access up-to-date progress picture, identify risks, rearrange resources, and ensure everything stays on track.
Full visibility of the entire project portfolio to drive informed business decisions and actions.
Regular, timely and consistent status reporting for better project coordination and implementation.
Simple reporting processes to help focus efforts on productive teamwork and achieving project goals.
Project leads
Facilitating success at every level of your organization
Whatś on Radar?
August 9, 2022
Admin panel for Radar distributors
Not everyone knows that we have an affiliate program where you can distribute Radar for a commission. So this new update is mostly for our partners. We have made their work much easier. Let's cover how exactly.
June 28, 2022
Streamlined Export and Import + New Contact Form
Now you can easily feedback to us (thanks to the new contact form) and assess the enhanced process of importing and exporting data.
April 14, 2022
Export to Microsoft PowerPoint is available
RADAR now gives you more space for content and a more flexible experience – export to PPT is available with just a few clicks!