Why you should start using Radar

Visualize project data

Boost your business intelligence with visualized data

Monitor project health on Radar, decide where to invest your resources using the Bubble Chart, track actual project performance against the baseline with the Gantt Chart, and more.

Customize your workspace

Structure and fill reports according to your needs

Define which business parameters should be represented on Radar, determine project phases, milestones, add dependencies to adequately map all your processes.

Integrate your tools

Connect Radar with your systems to benefit from centralized reporting

Multiple integrations ensure smooth Radar implementation and save your time with automated data import. Reduce routine work by importing project data from Atlassian Jira or MS Excel.

Share insights

Distribute information to key stakeholders

Radar facilitates the information exchange at all levels of your organization. Employees can add their project updates directly to the reporting tool. You can share Radar project status reports online or export them to PDF, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.

Go mobile

Stay in control of your projects from anywhere

Wherever you are, never miss any critical information about your project portfolio with Radar’s mobile apps for iOS and Android. Quickly access up-to-date progress picture, identify risks, rearrange resources, and ensure everything stays on track.

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What you get with Radar


Automated reporting processes reduce administrative efforts and leave you with more time to communicate


Comprehensive reports offer you a clear overview of the statuses of your projects


Relevant up-to-date information enables you to stay in control of your projects


Structured and consistent reports support your communication with all parties involved

Total annual saving


*average value for a company with 10 PMs and 100 projects

Payback period

6 days

*average value for a company with 10 PMs and 100 projects

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Join industry leaders who trust Radar

"Radar helps us to optimize reports and status tracking. The reports help our managers to make well-informed decisions. If the team is underperforming or if a certain PM is off-schedule, the manager will always know. This improves both the quality and timeliness."
Project Management Officer of a business consulting company

Industries served

Renewable energy, construction, project management — whatever industry you work at, Radar helps you optimize your processes.

Renewable energy

Be able to present your whole snapshot of all projects data at one screen.


Use updated status reports, stay informed and get projects controlled.

Business consulting

Optimize your project portfolio and concentrate on what really matters.

Oil and Gas

International player use single Radars for each location and keep of the overview in one global Radar view.

What we do

GET Information Technology is an international software engineering company with experience of providing project management support in complex environments.

We’ve been helping our clients achieve operational, strategic, and innovative excellence, make informed business decisions and increase portfolio value for more than 20 years.




We are constantly on the lookout for smart and talented people ready to take on new challenges. If this excites you, come work with us.

What’s on Radar?

# Product release
January 25, 2023

Flexible report designer

The new flexible report designer allows users to customize the structure and appearance of reports according to their needs. The intuitive interface makes this process easier than ever!

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# Product release
January 11, 2023

Try Radar on your smartphone

Sign up to Radar on your smartphone and experience the modern way to report on project status: view live data, search and filter projects on the radar, configure display options, etc. All Radar functions are available in mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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