Focus on the big picture, without missing the details

As a real-time status tracking and reporting solution, RADAR provides everything you and your stakeholders need to improve the performance of the project portfolio.
See where all projects stand at a glance
Gain a holistic overview of your portfolio and instantly know where to direct your efforts. Open the last status report to drill into detail and plan your actions accordingly.
Create multi-project reports with ease
Build ad hoc reports with a list of select projects and present your management with the most current data consolidated in a single interactive RADAR view.
Highlight project dependencies
Visualize connections between projects for added transparency and ensure key decisions are made taking the whole context into account.
Share across your organization
Use extensive sharing capabilities to keep your team, management or external stakeholders all on the same page.

See the features
Standardize project status reporting
Help project leads save time on regular status updates. Ensure they communicate project information better with consistently structured reports and clearly defined requirements.
Enhance the reporting process by digitizing your organizational and report structures, schedules and unique report layouts.

Explore available options
Stay informed even on the move
Download the RADAR app for your iOS or Android device and keep the overview of your projects wherever you are.
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Our product specialists will gladly help you discover how RADAR can be applied to your case.
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Simplify the entire reporting process
Predefined templates
Reduce the time spent on regular status updates with custom templates.
Automated reporting
Enable automatic report release so that your portfolio is always up to date.
Schedule email reminders to help project leads submit status reports on time.
Never lose any important details or documents again.
User mentions
Assign responsibility and request support directly from within a project.
Follow status updates and get alerted when your attention is required.
Get to the level of visibility you need
Drill into detail or slice-and-dice to take a different look at your data.
Gantt chart
Use a Gantt chart to plan dates and prevent schedule overruns.
Bubble chart coming soon
Plot your data in a Bubble chart for visual project comparison.

Traffic lights
Convey the health of your project portfolio instantly.
Custom views
Create different views to meet different requirements.
Global search
Quickly find your way through volumes of project data and files.
Activity stream
Be in the know of all major events and actions in the system.
Visualize the project life cycle or other custom workflow for immediate progress overview.
Group your projects by business unit, location, priority, or any other aspect.
Status history
Review past status updates to analyze performance over time.
Change history
Track back how your projects developed for better planning.
Use a smaller RADAR for added visibility and more filtering capabilities.
Enjoy flexible sharing options
User permissions
Allocate roles to define default viewing and editing rights.
Internal sharing
Share reports with individual users and user groups inside the system.
Public URL access
Enable public sharing and make your views visible to anyone with a link.
Password protection
Set password protection to secure your views from unauthorized access.
PDF export
Export single status reports and a list of projects to print or share via email.
Preserve the integrity of your data with advanced security features.
Integrate RADAR views on your website, intranet, or other external platforms.
Designed to meet your requirements
Customized reports
Build status reports based on criteria important for your stakeholders.
Conditional layouts
Create report layouts tied to almost any chosen variable.
Role-based features
Afford capabilities based on roles that users play in your organization.
Use RADAR in conjunction with other tools to get the most of your data.
Export to Excel
Download project data for further external use in one click.
Add the name, logo, and colors to support your brand identity in the system.
Multilingual interface
Set English or German as the user interface language and easily switch between them.
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