ProjectsRADAR Features
ProjectsRADAR makes project status reporting processes more efficient and improves communication and cooperation within project teams and project-oriented organizations.
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Keep track of your projects on the RADAR dashboard
ProjectsRADAR gives project managers, PMOs and executives a complete overview of their projects by showing up-to-date project information clearly and comprehensibly. All relevant project information is readily available. With RADAR you coordinate and monitor the projects within your portfolio, identify risks at first glance and have the chance to intervene when necessary.
Clear presentation

Like the radar in a cockpit ProjectsRADAR offers a comprehensive and easy to understand overview of project milestones and events.

Status & timeliness of data

Depending on their project type projects are represented by different icons on the RADAR monitor. Traffic light colors indicate the status and the timeliness of the reported data for each project.

Depiction of the project lifecycle

To visualize the lifecycle of a project, its project icon moves from the outermost RADAR circle to the center as it progresses through various stages of completion.
RADAR Reporting - easy, fast and intuitive
Publish RADAR & use it on mobile devices

Export RADAR reports easily and make them available to all project members and stakeholders as hardcopy, PDF or HTML versions.

Download the RADAR App to your Apple iOS or Android device to view and edit RADAR status reports on your tablet or smartphone - wherever you are, whenever you need them.

Versatile visualization options fulfill different
information requirements
ProjectsRADAR offers a multitude of visualization options that help you to present project information clearly and comprehensibly. Sort, filter and visualize the projects of your portfolio in various RADAR views according to your criteria and show project events in lists, as Gantt charts or bubble charts. By deciding which aspects to focus on, e.g. whether a bubble chart will display the investment volume of a project or the number of plant locations involved in its relization, you shift the attention of the report recipients towards the topic that is most important to you.
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RADAR Reporting -
Building a bridge between all project members
Send out RADAR reports before online conferences or meetings to give all participants the chance to familiarize themselves with current project developments and gain more time for data analysis and decision-making in your meetings.
Regular status reports & project updates

Use ProjectsRADAR to improve communication and cooperation within your project team as well as with sponsors and executives. By providing comparable, up-to-date project information, RADAR enables team members and project responsibles to assess the status of the project realistically and intervene in time.
Presentations & talks

RADAR supports you in preparing and giving presentations and talks by providing you with all relevant and up-to-date project data you need to compile your presentation. Quickly generate professional RADAR reports with illustrative visualizations that help to explain complex issues and point out specific aspects that you want to highlight.
Connect systems and ERP solutions which are essential to your business success with RADAR and use ProjectsRADAR as the control center for your project portfolio.
Adapt ProjectsRADAR to the reporting requirements of
your organization
Look & feel
Adapt the design and structure of the RADAR to the corporate design of your organization by changing colors, icons and the wording of the RADAR interface according to your corporate identity.
Define which business aspects should be represented in the RADAR segments, determine milestones, project phases/ types and depict interdependencies between projects to map all of your processes adequately.
Status reports
Layout and content of status reports should always be determined by the recipients information requirements. Therefore, ProjectsRADAR allows you to adjust the structure and content of status reports individually.
Access rights
As ProjectsRADAR administrator you can manage access rights to project information based on the role of the user and their responsibilities. Send reports in reading mode and afford or restrict editing rights.
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