Why Radar?

Cut down labor costs and work hours with better use of resources. We make project reporting as easy as it gets. With Radar, you have an in-depth analysis of all your projects and a clear vision of processes.

More time to scale ideas and grow your business

You no longer need to keep collecting and editing data. No more manual control and human errors. Data is provided automatically. Invest your time in strategic tasks and innovations, not routine.

Your extra benefits

Personal approach

Radar can be easily tailored to your needs. Customize it to best fit your organization: from entire dashboards to single fields. We can adjust any tool on request.


With our industry-leading security, you’ll be the master of your data. Radar can be securely deployed on a client’s in-house server infrastructure as well.

Clear pricing

All the features are fully available on any plan. The final pricing is clear and scalable, it depends only on the number of projects.

Your ROI with Radar

Find out how much money you can save. Calculations are based on the current number of projects and other administrative costs.

Gain on investment

ROI Summary
Radar is a good start. As the company scales, Radar helps to optimize all your basic project management processes.

Benefit from our 20+ years of experience

Radar helped customers to configure reports and export them to PDF format

Our customer approached with the demand for a technological solution in the sphere of project management to improve team collaboration across their customers’ broad association.

It was important to get a flexible solution with a variety of functionality so it might be appropriate for clients of different business areas. 

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