Try Radar on your smartphone

January 11, 2023

Sign up to Radar on your smartphone and experience the modern way to report on project status: view live data, search and filter projects on the radar, configure display options, etc. All Radar functions are available in mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Radar mobile apps

How to always be aware of the latest project status updates? Start using Radar mobile apps! The apps are available for iOS and Android and contain all features of Radar web app in read-only mode. Try advantages of Radar mobile apps right now:

  • read-only access to the functions of Radar web app: view reports, search and filter projects on the radar, configure display options, etc.;
  • access to project data and the latest status reports at any time;
  • saving reports in the local storage on a mobile device;
  • ability to log into several workspaces at the same time and easily switch between them;
  • additional security settings prevent data leakage if intruders gain access to your smartphone.

Also, mobile applications are optimized for usage of your smartphone's resources, so that their use will be simple and enjoyable.

Follow the links to install Radar on your smartphone:

Latest changes

In the latest version of the mobile applications, we have added the ability to register a new workspace, so you do not need to sign up through the web application beforehand - you can start using the Radar right from your smartphone. The applications contain demo data that will allow you to try and appreciate Radar functions.

Experience the modern way of reporting project status.

Welcome to the Radar user community!

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