The next generation of PDF reports

November 3, 2022

Exporting status reports to PDF is one of Radar's most popular features. Every day, our users work with hundreds of PDF reports, send them, print them and analyse them. That's why we decided to make the PDF reports even more understandable and expressive.

New export to PDF

We have improved the radar status reports according to customer needs:

  • 3-column layout allows you to compactly organize data without large empty areas on the pages;
  • information is grouped into sections "Project calendar", "Project team", etc., which simplifies the search for the necessary information;
  • modern design of tables with horizontal lines and highlighted aggregated values ​​allow users to perceive matrix data without additional effort;
  • minimalistic design and clear typography help to quickly and effortlessly view reports and speed up the processing of a large number of reports;
  • new report layout optimized for paper printing.
Project status report template

What's next?

We've collected customer feedback saying that the new PDF reports are beautiful and easy to use. So we decided to set up all status reports the same way we did for PDF export - stay tuned for our product releases to keep up to date with the latest updates to Radar status reports.

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