Radar helped customers to configure reports and export them to PDF format

October 17, 2022


Our customer is a management consulting company that has been successfully active as a management consultancy for over 25 years in the banking, insurance, energy and IT sectors. With around 100 employees the key focus is on the three key areas of digital transformation, regulatory transformation and operational excellence. They have locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Our customer approached with the demand for a technological solution in the sphere of project management to improve team collaboration across their customers' broad association.

It was important to get a flexible solution with a variety of functionality so it might be appropriate for clients of different business areas. The request for flexibly customized reports with graphical visualization of data was a particularly important aspect to provide clear visualization and professional reports.


The delivered solution can be divided for the following areas:

  • Implement layout constructor for flexible report configuration
  • Customized reports design
  • Alternative visual data representations were added like pie or bar chart
  • Export reports to PDF format was implemented

The solution consists of the standard Radar functionality  and, on the other hand, some particular features were customized to meet our customer’s business needs. The final version might be used by our customer for their internal needs  and it also serves as a gateway to distribute Radar. 


It took approximately  6 months to implement all the necessary functionality. The new system will be used by 110 internal users and distributed among companies all over Europe. Radar users can easily build configurable reports and export them to PDF format.  Report configuration will be  performed for each end-user individually.

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