Radar capabilities

Radar is a project status tracking and reporting tool that provides visibility into your project portfolio for better business decisions.

Customize your workspace

Reporting with Radar is especially effective because you’re able to customize report fields and filters to set up the most important business parameters to visualize. Moreover, you can use your brand identity to make Radar customized.

Visualize project data

The comprehensive range of reports gives you an overview of your portfolio and a firm basis for quick decision-making.

Choose the most appropriate view — Radar 360, Cockpit chart, Gantt chart, or list of projects!

Print project status reports easily

Radar status reports are optimized for print. Create your reports in standartized Din A4 format with one click!

Professional status reports in one click

Radar provides professional and compact reports that can build your Project Portfolio Report by one click.

Integrate your tools

If you are currently using Excel or Jira you can easily import all your reports to Radar and get a centralized and automated report tool for the whole company.

MS Excel

Many Radar customers use the Microsoft Excel program for storing and organizing their data. They then easily transfer this data into Radar for analysis.

Atlassian Jira

When migrating from Jira to Radar, data export is very easily provided. Start reporting in your Radar cloud space right away!

SAP & ERP Systems

It is the most effective method of achieving a connected, coordinated, and updated business environment. We are currently working on this type of integration and will let you know when it’s available.

Simplify the entire reporting process

Predefined templates

Report templates with basic default setting configurations. You can use them directly or build your own reports upon them.

Automated reporting

Automated report release will help to keep your portfolio updated.


Schedule email reminders to help project leads submit status reports on time.


Attach not to lose any important details or documents.


Follow status updates and get alerted when your attention is required.

Report & Status history

Review past status updates to analyze performance over time.

Share information to key stakeholders

Share reports with individual users and user groups inside the system or with public URLs. For your comfortable work you can also print your reports or share them via email.

Public URL access

Enable public sharing and make your views visible to anyone with a link.

MS Excel/ PDF/ MS PowerPoint export

Export single status reports and a list of projects in a convenient format.


The Radar system is hosted on a physically isolated server at a Tier III and ISO 27001 certified data center operated by STRATO AG. To meet your regulations Radar can be securely deployed on a client’s in-house server infrastructure.

Go mobile

You can use the Radar reporting app on your phone or tablet to check on project progress from anywhere.
No matter where you are, you will never miss anything about your project portfolio with Radar’s mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Role-based features


Reporters can add, edit, and otherwise manage their own projects and status reports. Usually PMs are granted this role.


Admins configure the status reporting process and set up (define) a set of attributes to describe projects and their statuses. In a company these people typically have a PMO position.


Viewers have read-only access to observe and monitor projects and reports. Viewers are project stakeholders of any type – executives, customers, counterparties, and other ones.

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