Streamlined Export and Import + New Contact Form

June 28, 2022

Every day at Radar, we're cooking up new ways for teams to manage their projects seamlessly, no matter where or how you work. This month, we released enhancements designed to improve user experience. Now you can easily feedback to us (thanks to the new contact form) and assess the enhanced process of importing and exporting data.

New contact form

It's easier to stay in touch with us now. We have implemented a quick contact form. Click on the question button at the bottom of the menu and then on the letter icon. Have any questions? You're welcome!

Presentation slides are generated in a certain order to make your work as efficient and easy as possible:

  • Title slide
  • Project fields slides
  • Status report slides
  • Connected projects slides
  • Attached documents slides
  • Associated views slide

Helpful tips

  • The feature is available in English and German
  • The feature is available in any browser
  • Please be aware, that currently, the customization of the presentation template is not available, but we are working on it

Get started!!

Delivering dynamic presentations in PowerPoint will provide you with the greatest efficiency and help you to improve data analysis. For further assistance please contact our support team.

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