June 28, 2022 — New feature release

Streamlined Export and Import + New Contact Form

Contact form for your comments
Every day at Radar, we're cooking up new ways for teams to manage their projects seamlessly, no matter where or how you work. This month, we released enhancements designed to improve user experience. Now you can easily feedback to us (thanks to the new contact form) and assess the enhanced process of importing and exporting data.

New contact form

It's easier to stay in touch with us now. We have implemented a quick contact form. Click on the question button at the bottom of the menu and then on the letter icon. Have any questions? You're welcome!

Streamlined export and import

We have significantly simplified the data exporting process to Excel. Some users had problems with value markers, which were shown as not defined (N/d). We turned them to empty ones. The same is correct for imported Excel files.

Also, you can see clear mapping error messages while importing projects or users from Excel now. If there is any error occurs, you immediately understand what's wrong. There will be tips on what you need to change in imported data to pass it through validation.

More small but useful improvements

  • The external connections of the projects appeared. Not a single important detail can be hidden—everything is right up front.
  • Percent fields were updated to provide not defined percentages on corresponding rings if any.
  • The status report can be exported in PowerPoint format (in addition to the project reports from the previous feature release) and to PDF—even if its draft wasn't saved. It will be done automatically when clicking on the 'Export to PDF' button.
  • New design of My Profile page—fresh, minimalistic, and more user-friendly.

There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes (like new features building). Big news ahead, stay tuned.

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