Global automaker is set to drive its corporate innovation strategy
the smart way

A leading car manufacturer is constantly growing and diversifying its portfolio through innovation and new product development.

However, in order to optimize the creation of value and to make the right investment decisions, corporate executives demanded a more effective means to define and manage the company's innovation strategy.
The company implemented RADAR to map out and execute the entire corporate innovation strategy amounting to over 1000 projects and spanning numerous business functions, brands, production sites, and geographic locations.

The RADAR solution was used to build a roadmap and to closely track projects from their ideation through implementation and complete realization of financial impact.

While presenting a clear high-level view of the strategy, RADAR also provided an ability dig deeper into details: to analyze the requirements that served as the basis for an idea or a product and to monitor projected and actual financial effects.
RADAR has allowed the organization, first, to connect innovation and the overall business strategy, and then to integrate the strategic with the operational part. This resulted in a unified vision for innovation and helped align all relevant stakeholders around common goals.

The full scope of information that becomes available in real time and a well-defined process to capture and prioritize ideas enable executives to make wiser decisions about the most profitable allocation of resources.

By investing in the right initiatives and focusing on high-value projects, the company successfully continues its ongoing commitment to create shareholder value and deliver incremental revenue.
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