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As reports, views offer many interaction options that provide insight into project progress, performance, and all the applicable details. But there are also a couple of actions available that you can apply to the views themselves in order to create more multi-project reports or, conversely, keep a workspace clean from unnecessary content.

Copying views

Copying lets you create new views, without spending too much time on customizing their appearance and content. In other words, you can create a duplicate of a view and then adjust it according to your needs.

The action comes in handy in cases where you need to create a view that is different from one of the existing only in some of the aspects. For instance, you may want to create a view that contains fewer projects than the source view, includes an additional piece of information, or just has a different background.
To create a copy of a view:
  1. Go to Overview and locate a view that will serve as the source view.
  2. Click the three dots and select Copy.
A copied view is created immediately and added to the list of views in the Overview. It has also the same properties, projects, and settings as the source view, except for user permissions which are not duplicated and are managed for all views individually.

To help you instantly distinguish this view from the source one, the original name is automatically appended with "Copy of". You can later edit this and any other aspects if necessary in the view settings.

Deleting views

Although there are no limits on how many views you can create and store in a workspace, it's generally good practice to dispose of redundant content for clarity and ease of use.
To delete a view:
  1. Go to Overview and locate your view.
  2. Click the three dots and select Delete.
  3. When asked to confirm the action, click Delete.
Deleting a view is permanent and cannot be undone. However, because views are reports that merely present data, deleting them bears no impact on the underlying projects and can be used safely without fear of losing anything.
Deleting a view will result in the revocation of all associated access and edit permissions, whether they have been provided to users personally or via a shared link.
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