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The ability to report status on a project is available to any user with the rights to edit that project. To save time and provide consistency and predictability of the information in the report, status updates are created using a standard form with predefined fields.

When creating the very first report on the project, the form used to update status is empty. Starting from the second time, it is filled with information from the last report. In both cases, the form acts the same and is fully editable.
To provide a project status update:
  1. Open a project list.
  2. Click in the row that contains the project whose progress you want to report.
  3. In the preview panel, click the + button. Alternatively, click the project's title to go to the full profile and then click Add Report on the Status Reports tab.
  4. In the report form, fill in the fields with values in the accepted format. To update the status, click on the current status and select a color (green, yellow, red) from the drop-down list to indicate if a project is "on track," "at risk," or "off track". If the form allows, provide some written commentary about why each status is what it is.
  5. Optional: If you're not yet ready to post your update, Save it as a draft. The draft can be edited and saved again as many times as necessary, which gives you the opportunity to finalize the report at a convenient time or when you receive more data.
  6. Click Release to submit the final project status report.
As soon as the status update is out, all relevant views and projects will be updated with the new information in real time.
If there is an automatic report release enabled in the system and the report hasn't been submitted manually before a scheduled due date, it will be released automatically in the latest draft version.
All saved and released reports are accessible on the Status Reports tab page. They are there to show how the project developed, where it succeeded or encountered problems, and therefore cannot be modified or deleted.
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