Can you trigger status update email notifications for projects individually?
Sure, you can choose to follow status updates on any project. Simply click the envelope icon at the top of the Project Preview or in the Project Profile. Once subscribed, you will begin receiving email notifications as soon as new status reports are released.
Is it possible to have different fields for different views?
Yes, and there are two ways to achieve that. Firstly, you can add projects using all the fields but fill out different details for different views. A second and by far more convenient option is to create separate templates containing only the fields relevant for your views and use them when you add new projects.
How do I change the name of my workspace?
By default, the name of your workspace is the same as the domain name of the email address used to register the workspace. Owners and Admins have the option to change the name in the Workspace Defaults section of Control Center.
Can I change the email address associated with my account?
The email address you used to join RADAR or create a workspace is where we will send you all notifications, alerts and reminders. This also where you will receive other important information relating to your account, such as links to reset password, so it is important to keep it up to date. You can change the email address under the Main info section of your Profile.
Can I restore several projects at once?
At the moment, restoring the projects in bulk is not supported.
Is RADAR available in languages other than English?
RADAR is currently available in English and German. The default workspace language is set in the Workspace Defaults section of Control Center. Individual users can switch to their preferred interface language in their Profile.
Can I delete my account?
The option to delete user accounts is only available to Owners. Before an account can be deleted, it should be deactivated. If this action affects your account, you will receive an email notification with the details of the event and available options.
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