Flexible report designer

January 25, 2023

Many companies have adopted status report templates, or at least have an idea of what they should look like. But what if the reports generated by the software you use don't meet your corporate standards?

The new version of Radar contains a flexible report designer that allows you to customize the structure and appearance of reports to suit your needs using an intuitive interface. With the designer you can:

  • set the structure of the report (sections and subsections);
  • generate a report layout by splitting it into rows and columns;
  • select the necessary project data, place them in the layout cells, arbitrary swap and sort;
  • choose textual and visual forms of data display (formatted text, tags, pie charts, bar charts, etc.);
  • establish rules according to which reports will have different layouts depending on the values of project attributes.

Reports exported to PDF will have exactly the same structure and appearance as in the web application, but will be adapted for printing.

In future versions of Radar, it will be possible to view flexibly configured reports on mobile devices and export them to MS PowerPoint files. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with Radar updates!

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