April 14, 2022 — New feature release

RADAR now gives you more space for content and a more flexible experience - export to PPT is available with just a few clicks!

Export project list to Microsoft PowerPoint
How it works

The new feature saves your time and provides your reports with slide suggestions powered by Microsoft PowerPoint. Open the "Edit Project" panel or page in your RADAR App - a new menu item "Export to PPT" is currently displayed.

Exported PPT files are optimized and loaded into a new browser tab so you can continue working on the reports while the file is being generated. The generated file gets the name "Project report. pptx". The content of the generated file is similar to the content of the corresponding PDF file that the RADAR users already know well.

Presentation slides are generated in a certain order to make your work as efficient and easy as possible:

  • Title slide
  • Project fields slides
  • Status report slides
  • Connected projects slides
  • Attached documents slides
  • Associated views slide

Helpful tips

  • The feature is available in English and German
  • The feature is available in any browser
  • Please be aware, that currently, the customization of the presentation template is not available, but we are working on it

Get started!

Delivering dynamic presentations in PowerPoint will provide you with the greatest efficiency and help you to improve data analysis. For further assistance please contact our support team.
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