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Projects RADAR right management desicions and successfull projects realization

What is Projects RADAR?

RADAR is the basis for good management decisions and for realizing projects successfully
View your initiatives, projects, workstreams and measures in a clearly arranged manner, instantly assess progress and status and interact directly and on-demand.

Use RADAR for reporting, compiling presentations, conducting meetings online and to keep your stakeholders up to date at all times.

RADAR is an easy-to-use tool for tracking and visualizing your project data.
Access all relevant information on your project status with one click and intervene directly in individual projects if necessary.
Get structured and consistent status reports from all project members by e-mail or within your corporate network.
RADAR can be easily integrated into your organization's current system structure.

Customize the RADAR layout
The attractive and individual RADAR design enhances the user experience and makes project management enjoyable.

The user-friendly interface allows easy and fast access to all relevant project information and provides you with a basis for informed management decisions.

RADAR allows you to set up an individual design, use your organization's logo, corporate color scheme and other visualization elements.
Customize Projects RADAR layout
Prepare individual project status report
Prepare individual status reports
Customize the structure and layout of your project status reports individually according to your organizational needs.

Reports can easily be provided to all stakeholders by printing them, generating PDF files or giving them access via links.

Use the comprehensive and clearly arranged RADAR reports to improve communication within your team and beyond.
Access the required data easily
Besides the main RADAR you can also view your portfolio in other reports, e.g. a project list or a Gantt Chart report.

By using the hierarchical data structure or the filtering and sorting options you can find the information you need quickly - even within a large number of projects.
Projects RADAR: list of projects and Gantt Charts

Publish a RADAR Report

You can export the RADAR Report locally on your computer or into your corporate network to share it with all relevant stakeholders at any time

Import project's information from SAP, MS Project, Sharepoint, ect. to Projects RADAR
Integrate the Projects RADAR into your current information systems architecture

The RADAR can be integrated into your existing systems with the help of interfaces.

Reduce disruptions and ensure that your operations run smoothly by importing project data from other systems, such as SAP, MS Project, Sharepoint.

Access information at any time
Project status reports are always available via tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device.

The RADAR applications are specially designed for Apple iOS and Android devices and available for downloading in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

RADAR applications on Apple iOS and Android devices

Improve the usability of your SAP data with an add-on that is user-oriented and functional

Interested in how RADAR can improve your tracking and reporting processes?
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Enable a new user experience and increase user acceptance with the support of a unique SAP reporting solution
SAP RADAR: Reporting solutions from SAP
Report from SAP
A new approach to status reporting
The SAP RADAR visualizes information quickly, saves time on every report and allows you to focus on more important tasks.
SAP RADAR: customiation of reports from the SAP
Transform the end-user experience
The aim of the SAP RADAR design is to increase user acceptance by improving the usability of the tool - making it simple, consistent and responsive.
SAP RADAR: Improve business value
Improve your business value
Boost productivity in your organization by cutting down training costs, decreasing user error rates and transforming your SAP data into useful information.
SAP RADAR: Reporting solutions from SAP

Get the information you need to take action

Interested in how RADAR can improve your tracking and reporting processes?
Please provide us with your contact details and we will get back to you shortly.
Effective Risk Management with the Risk RADAR
The Risk RADAR provides you with vital information for an effective risk management.

Identify and assess risks in a risk matrix and define indicators, probabilities and consequences for project risks.

By looking at the size, positioning and color coding of the Risk RADAR icons you can immediately spot which risks need your attention.

Track your process KPIs in a real-time reporting tool. Visualize key performance indicators on the RADAR dashboard and generate visually appealing and conclusive reports for your stakeholders.

KPI Status in Projects RADAR reporting tool
KPI Status
Has the KPI stayed within the predetermined target corridor?
KPI Trends: Tracking and comparing development data
KPI Trend
Track the development of the KPI and compare it to the previous period.
Report of Connected KPI
Which KPIs belong to the same category and how have they developed?
Report of Independent KPI
Which KPIs interdependent and how do they affect and influence each other?
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Organizations from all industry sectors are using RADAR successfully to keep track of their projects and make informed management decisions
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