Radar overview

Below you can find the main features of Radar in the field of project management and status reporting.

Project Management

  • Project information storage. You can manage project templates and attributes, add, deactivate, archive, remove projects, change project field values, connect projects one to another, and attach documents, images, and links.
  • Integration. You can import projects from Jira or Excel and create new projects or update existing ones using imported data.
  • User Management. You can share projects with your team and manage the access rights to projects and views.

Status Reporting

  • Configuring the status reporting process. You can manage project fields (create, configure, update, deactivate/activate, delete) and configure report notifications. 
  • Project status reporting. You can report via external link sharing. Radar can be also embedded in presentations or websites.  
  • Views creation and configuring. You can manage Radar, Cockpit, Tile and Gantt charts.
  • Customization. You can set custom design from login screen to Radar chart (logos, colors, background, field icons, avatars).
  • Export of data. You can export the list of projects to PDF/Excel and selected projects to PDF/PPT.
  • Updates subscriptions. You can subscribe on the selected projects and be notified of any changes or just on “red” statuses to step in on time.
  • Mobile access. Reports are available on iOS/Android applications. 

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