Consulting firm set up a productive interaction with the client, keeping him up to date

January 19, 2022


A large European railroad company hired a consulting firm to create a shared service center. It had to provide weekly progress reports and allow customer representatives to track the project closely.


Radar was brought in as a project reporting tool that allowed to share information both with key people inside the firm and on the client's side, all while using one system and the same data that the whole team could update simultaneously.

The firm used Radar to outline the design of the project and achieve buy-in, develop a transition roadmap, and further support the roll-out phase.


At every stage, the firm shared progress using reports in varying levels of detail. Among such reports were those that reflected the overall performance across a diverse set of initiatives. The progress of each of the eight work streams in areas such as technology, communication, and HR, as well as the status of individual items in the work streams.

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