Automotive conglomerate deploys Radar to improve portfolio reporting

June 21, 2022

Radar in automotive industry


In preparing monthly portfolio reports, the PMO of an international multi-brand group used a lot of reports of various formats and from different sources.

In the absence of a central solution, data consolidation was laborious, and the final report presented to the project steering committee was at risk of being unreliable.


Radar was deployed as a management control and reporting system company-wide to have all project data collected in one place.

Simple standardized web forms with built-in validation mechanisms were implemented to increase the quality of project status reports. The effect achieved – more accurate, complete and up-to-date reports across the enterprise.

Information submitted in individual reports, such as the monthly project status and other related matters, is used to generate portfolio reports directly in the system and almost instantly, empowering the PMO to react to and report on the latest developments in the projects in a timely manner.


Radar now helps the PMO to save dozens of work hours a year, while the steering committee benefits from the constant access to a big-picture overview and a clearer understanding of how individual projects progress.

The key benefit achieved overall is in the ability to quickly identify projects that are most worth pursuing.

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