The Alumni Association builds trust and awareness of key stakeholder groups

April 29, 2022


A university alumni association is responsible for organizing social events aimed at current and former students, raising funds to support science and state study programs, and creating an effective networking platform for over 20,000 graduates.

As part of the obligation to its current sponsors and to attract new donors, the association sought to achieve full transparency regarding its activities and spending.


Radar was introduced to reach and engage three groups of stakeholders – sponsors, potential donors, and regular members.

The association used the solution to visualize and track the progress and status of the planned and running activities in six key areas: alumni, students, employment, education, science, and university brand promotion.

All such activities not only openly outlined pursued objectives and deliverables, but were accompanied by financial statements with detailed descriptions of incurred costs, expense claims, and receipts. This allowed current and potential donors to find out if their donations have been used wisely and then make informed decisions about supporting the organization in the future.

Radar was embedded into the association's website to provide constant self-serve access to the registered users, as well as projected live on-screen on several occasions. To raise awareness of upcoming events and other planned initiatives, a link to a public Radar view was regularly shared in the alumni newsletter.


Together with a rapid increase in event attendance and one-off donations, a handful of regular sponsors have been acquired, which is most vital for the continuity of the association and its goals.

Overall, by making the organizational structure, responsibilities, activities history, and allocation of funds clear and transparent, the association has laid a strong foundation for lasting relationships with all its stakeholders.

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