Admin panel for Radar distributors

August 9, 2022

Export reports to PDF format was implemented. Admins finally have a full-featured work panel. What opportunities does it provide?

Client Management. 

You can see all your clients and their subscriptions in the Home tab and manage subscriptions if necessary. Let's say your client urgently needs a couple more days of trial to show everything in detail to the management. You can help him with a couple of clicks.

Activity Stream.

You can explore some activities for tenants (no sensitive data is available–factual actions only). For example, who and how often log in, changes in payment information. On this basis, you can offer the client a more suitable plan (designed for a larger or smaller number of users) or track which of the clients visited last and made any critical changes.

Notifications and Newsletter.

In these tabs, you can place texts of notifications and letters to clients– in English or German. The system will select which language to provide depending on the language of their interface. This will help users stay informed of the newly developed functionality and discounts.

User Management. 

Here you can add users and manage accesses. There are three roles: admin, viewer, and content manager. Admin has all the same rights as you. The Viewer can only browse, but cannot change anything. Content Manager has no access to manage subscriptions, but can manage emails and notifications.

Get started!

In this update, we've been more focused on distributors. New features for users are also on the way. Stay tuned! Send your request here to learn more about how to become our distributor.

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